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Our AI sales agents approach makes lead generation easy and effective, outperforming traditional marketing tactics.

Generate Your Highest

Quality of Leads

Embrace cutting-edge technologies to drive growth, enhance customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition.

Generate the high-quality leads you've always wanted.

  • Lead Qualification

Streamline your lead management process effortlessly. With AI you can identify, capture, and categorize potential leads based on real-time conversations, giving you a constantly evolving pool of prospects ready for your sales team to nurture.


Elevate your customer experience with round-the-clock accessibility. Ensure your business is always open, ready to engage and assist customers, even beyond regular working hours, driving seamless interactions and building lasting connections.

Automated Workflows and Tasks

Our AI Agency streamlines tasks and processes, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance productivity and streamline operations. We empower businesses to optimize their resources and focus on innovation while our intelligent systems handle the rest.

  • Advanced Targeting

Reach your ideal audience by leveraging advanced targeting capabilities, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most relevant prospects.

  • Conversion Optimization

Optimize your lead generation process with conversion-focused strategies and tools.

  • Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate our lead generation solution with your existing systems and workflows for a smooth and efficient lead management experience.

Reactivations &

Follow-Up Campaigns

Increase your appointments without increasing your marketing budget. You already have a list of leads and clients you need to qualify, nurture & follow up with. Fill your pipeline with qualified sales appointments, every single day.

  • Time-Saving Efficiency

Automate repetitive marketing tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives and creativity.

  • Personalized Customer Journeys

Create targeted, personalized customer journeys based on user behavior, driving higher engagement and conversions.

  • Reactivation Campaigns

Revive your relationship with previous leads or existing customers through our Reactivation Campaigns, powered by our AI sales agents, ensuring no opportunity goes untapped.

The Features


Advanced Reporting

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!


Communication Center

All Your Communications In One Place! Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat And So On!


Omnichannel marketing

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, and Live Chat to increase response rates to up to 80%.


Mobile App

Close prospects on-the-go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.


AI Appointment Booking

Use your AI Sales Agent to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most, closing deals.


Lead Round Robin

Automatically distribute leads between team members and track the progress on each lead.

Effortless Integration with Over 100 Tools

Integrate your AI With Custom Integrations To Automate Task For Your Business!

Custom Projects with Custom Pricing


Find out how we can help your business today:

Chromato dispels the common belief that AI solutions are overly complex or unrelated to individual business requirements. Through our accessible and customized AI tools, we seamlessly integrate technology into diverse business models, empowering owners to harness its benefits effectively.

- Pay Per Lead / Appointment

- Retainer

- One-Time Projects Fee

- Backend Deals

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

Press the 'AI Sales Demo' or 'Work With Us' buttons and go through our application process. If you're qualified, you'll be able to book an appointment with one of our Business Specialist.

Are AI Chat Funnels just for customer support and automating FAQ?

This is a common misconception. The primary purpose of an AI Chat Funnel is to generate qualified leads, or grow revenue. Answering FAQs is a side effect of an effective AI Chat Funnel.

Can an AI Chat Funnel connect to my CRM and send lead data?

Yes, all of your Chat Funnels can connect directly to your CRM as long as it has an open API. Most out-of-the-box solutions do, such as Hubspot, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Go High Level, etc. We recommend using Make or Zapier to accomplish this, and we show our clients exactly how to do this within minutes.

 What platforms do your AI Chat Funnels work on? 

They can be implemented on Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. We recommend starting with SMS first. If you’re brand new to using social media Chat Funnels for your business, we recommend most companies begin with Instagram, because it’s the easiest and fastest channel to get results on.

 What results are possible with AI Chat Funnels? 

By implementing just a simple Chat Funnel, we’ve seen companies significantly increase their lead generation, reduce lead cost, increase conversion rates, and skyrocket revenue… all while automating 80%+ of their messages.

What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

We provide live chat support for our customers from 9AM - 5PM EST. Pay-Per-Lead Funnels and AI Sales Agent are managed by our team. Clients' leads are generated and distributed to the CRM our their choosing for their Sales Team to then handle.

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